Using MIDI or KEY trigger to record and playback clips

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I'm a complete novice. What I'm trying to do is probably very basic but I can't figure it out on my own.

I want to record someone singing live, and have the ability to toggle recording off (through MIDI or computer keyboard). Then, I don't want the clip to start playing right away but rather have the ability (through MIDI or computer keyboard) to trigger playback of the clip at a later time.

The second issue is that I want to do this again using the same clip. I want to record another length of singing over the same clip, replacing the clip that is there, stop the recording and play it back at certain future point in the song.

What is the best way to achieve this?

Not sure if I'm explaining this clearly enough. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Greg K.



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    wow, I really thought this'd be the place to ask this question...

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    Do you know how to use midi-assign? In the top-right of your ableton screen there are two buttons, one days MIDI and one says KEY. Using these buttons, you can assign controls from a midi controller to functions in live.

    Click MIDI to go into midi-assign mode and your screen will change to highlight the things you can choose to control. Click on the "arm recording" button in one of your tracks. Then press a button on your controller. Then click MIDI again to turn midi-assign mode off.
    Now, that button on your controller is assigned to arm recording for that track.
    You'll need to assign a few clips, and the arm recording button, to do what you want.

    You can find more information in the manual (basic questions tend to get ignored here, sadly!)

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    This allows you to trigger the start with respect to a specific midi event (i.e a note C1) but more generally it would be more useful that ANY midi key event (generally in a master keyboard) could trigger the recording session.



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