Using Korg Minilogue ext. Synth with Ableton Live 9 Suite

Hey guys,

I have a Problem with the connection of the Korg Minilogue Synthesizer.

I am Using Ableton Live 9 Suite and want to record the analog Sounds auf the Korg Minilogue Synth. I am using USB-connection. The Live Programm can clearly find the extern Synth and i am having a connection. Also i can play it as a midi keyboard and use Mapping to interact with the Knobs of the Synth. For some reason i am not able to record extern sounds (MIDI / AUDIO).

As I said i am using the USB Port to connect the Synth. Also I downloaded the Driver, Installed the newest version for the Minilogue and set the Preferences of the MInilogue right. I checked the Preferences of Live and all Audio Inputs are ON. Unfortunately there ist no control Surface for the Minilogue. I tried to activate it with the Plugin "External Instrument". Live shows up, that there ist a connection and a midi signal. But i cant here the sounds of the Synthesizer.

Please Help me. Greetings from Germany Kontanz


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  • Mangrove
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    I think what he means is that he wants to hear the analog audio from the korg in ableton so he can record the sound, like i'm doing right now.
    But the usb connection is purely for midi / clock purposes.
    You will need to use the audio output of the korg and send that audio to a sound card that's connected to your computer.
    then you'll need to create an audio track in Ableton and take audio from that sound card channel.

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  • Near Earth Object
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    I'm guessing you actually have the synth connected with audio cables as well right?

    Some things to check; 

    - make sure the Midi channel going out of Live is the same one as the channel that is set in your synth.

    - if you play the synth directly, does it make a sound? If not, something is set up wrong.

    - is the audio input in Live set to "in"? 

    - are the cables ok?

    - try using a separate midi-track, set it to the correct midi output and load or program a midi pattern. The open a new audio track, set it to "in" and select the correct audio inputs.

    If none of this works, something is set up wrong.


    If I don't understand your question correctly, please let me know.


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  • AAAlll
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    Hi guys,

    Sorry to bother you with that, but I've got the same big issue, sort of.

    I've got a external sound card (USB, NI Komplete audio 6 ), Ableton, a push 2 and the minilogue.

    I was wondering if it's possible to have a connexion set up that allow the minilogue to reccord the note you play with in ableton, as a keyboard controller (MIDI output) within keeping its analogic sound ( not just reccord a audio file in live, through a Xlr input )

    And more important, how do you clock the Minilogue sequencer with Live's tempo ?

    Not sure if my two questions are understandable :P, but if you know please tell me cause I'm struggling !

    Thanks a lot

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  • Santiago santiago
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    hello, the idea is record the minilogue audio via midi /usb , but there is no way to do that, I don't really know way ... for example in the Roland tr 8 there is a way to record multitrack via usb ..


    sorry for my bad English , im from Argentina... 

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