Urgent - Making a midi-signal activate and deactivate volume envelopes

Hello. I am working on a project, where these are the criteria.

*An audio track is constantly playing, repeating itself, with volume turned down to zero.

*Once a midi-signal is received, it turns up the volume, slowly, for this track - a slow fade-up, if you will.

*If the midi-signal is recieved once more, it turns down the volume again, slowly, for that track. a slow fade-out

Additional specifications:
I am using a proximity sensor linked to an arduino leonardo, programmed to signal whenever a certain value is registered . I have made ableton register it as midi signals. So far, so good. As such, it acts as a push button in ableton, able to being registered when pressing the "midi" icon in the topmost right corner, and mapping something to it.

Now, the problem is how to map the signal to such a function. Shall i use multiple unlinked envelopes, or how? Is it possible, and how? 

Thanks for any help.


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Azharak 1 year ago | 0 comments

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