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I am probably going to buy Live 8 Standard. On the website it says there's going to be a free upgrade for Live 9 included. Additionally it says, that the Upgrade for Live 8 Users is about 300€, which is more then I would have to pay for my "Update". For some reason, that does not make sense to me. Do I really have to pay less for Live 9 then older Users have to?

Besides, is there a discount for students so I would have the same offer and pay even less than the 262€ ?

Thanks for your answers.


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  • MarkusBü
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    HI Pablo,


    there are more than one things that dont make sense in the pricing.....

    eg, as soon as i had bought live 8 standard, i cannot buy push for 499.- but only for 598.-. my request to ableton has not been answered yet :-(

    hope i recieve answer soon from ableton, i keep u upto date...


    cheers markus

    5 years ago | 0 comments

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