Two loops, I would like to trigger the second loop, and the end of the first.

I have created two scenes, which are looping. I'm wondering how to trigger the next scene loop after the first scene loop has ended. How can I do this? I've looked in preferences and I see under "record/warp/launch" that "launch" prefs might have something to do with it. Anyone got any advice?


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    If you would like the change to occur automatically, set up follow actions to do the work for you. The clips have to be located directly in contact with each (scene one directly above scene two). Double click on first clip in scene one to bring up clip window. Shift click and and select all the clips in scene one. In clip editor, click on L to bring up launch controls. Set follow actions for all the clips to play X amount of beats/bars then play next. Scene one will play for as long as you specify and then automatically launch scene two. Hope this helps. Youtube follow actions for some more detailed explanations/demos. 

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