Trouble with Live and Midisport 4X4 Anniversary HELP!

Hi...having trouble getting Live, my TR-909 and Midisport 4X4 working together.

I'm using Live's external instruments to send Midi to my TR-909(V4).

I'll write a Midi pattern but at playback it will only play one drum hit at a time.  I know it's the correct midi CC for each drum sound because it will trigger the 909 when I pencil in the note to Live's grid. Just at playback any note played together will only play one...sometime none. 

I'm using an M-Audio Midisport 4X4 Anniversary edition and just upgraded to that from the M-Audio Uno.

I also use another DAW(Logic) and not having the same problems with it so... must be on the Live side.

Anyone else have this problem?


sir_dss 3 years ago | 0 comments

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  • toosmoothchrist
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    I have the very same issue with the M-Audio Midisport 4X4 Anniversary edition

    The unit seems to be not able to play overlaping notes or drum hits. I've tried with a brand new laptop (still Live9) and It work perfectly. (without any Driver)

    Really don't know where it's coming from !

    2 years ago | 0 comments

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