Triggering scenes with Ableton and LaunchLey

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I am currently using Ableton Live 9 with a Korg microstation.


I have a large Live Set which includes all our tracks. Currently I map keys on the Korg  on a specific MIDI channel to activate scenes for a specific track in Ableton. This is working rather well.


However, I'm aware of the limitations of Korg in terms of mapping and what is possible with the launch key. Having said that, watching videos seems to suggest the way to trigger a scene is to use the launch panel (and use up/down keys to move to the relevant scene to trigger).

This sounds like it would potentially mean me having to press more than one key/button in order to change to a different scene. For example, if I have a structure like A-B-C-A and I'm on C I'd need to click the button twice to get back to A. Currently I only have to press the keynote I've mapped to A to do this. Also, since I have a large number of scenes in my lives, moving from one track to another would seem more I'd need to scroll through all scenes to find what I want. Currently I just need to change the MIDI channel!


Anyone out there know what the proper way to do this is. Is that it? If so, I see pros/cons of using the launch key for scene activation, especially if you're dealing with multiple tracks in one live set.



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