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How do I increase the size of tracks vertically in arrangement view.  I only seem to be able fond how to increase horizontally.  Is there only the default for vertically?


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  • TravisSpomer
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    You can resize them to be rather tall, about 3x or 4x the default.  Move your mouse to the lines separating the tracks in the right-hand side of the arrangement view (you know, where the track names are displayed—"2 MIDI", "3 Audio", etc.).  Then drag down to make the track larger.  This only works in the right-hand side of the view, not the main timeline area.

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  • Rosindio
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    Ahh thanks or this 

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  • Near Earth Object
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    I think so.... It is possible to 'stretch' the tracks manually, to make them wider, but that's it. What does help though, is to decrease the zoom setting in the preference menu, so more tracks will fit onto the screen.
    Turning off I/O and other stuff will give even more space for the arrangement view.

    Hope this helps!

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