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I am a newbie to Ableton (so apologies if a dumb question) and I am attempting to create a DJ mix in the arrangement window. 

I have set my mix BPM at 128 and imported a couple of tracks so far.  However, I noticed that towards the end of the first track, the beat (visible in the wave form) is not in line with the beat line markers on the arrangement window, it is gradually moving out of time.

I turned off snap so I can line them up but this will mean I will have to do this for all remaining tracks as they will be slightly off the beat markers.  Any better ideas?!

Thanks in advance!


Turic 4 years ago | 0 comments

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    You have to warp and adjust every track you load into a dj set in Live.

    And warping is one of the basics in Ableton, so I suggest readiing the manual, or checking one of the many tutorial videos on the web.

    4 years ago | 0 comments

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