touchOSC and Ableton configuration with Live to phone feedback (windows, android)


I have managed to configure touchOSC with the brige and Live control, but unfortunately, the changes in ableton are in no way reflected on the android phone's touchOSC interface. How to achieve that?


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    Do you mean live control the script? It stopped working at some point.

    I just use any other layout or one created by myself  but mainly i use it throught osc istead of midi.

    For easy plug&play midi fun:

    run ableton ,

    then the touchOSC bridge,

    test with a simple layout 

    in your computer write ipconfig (if windows) and see your Ip adress. Then in the midi settings of your phone add the ip of your computer (in case it doesnt recognize it automatically)

    then in the midi preferences tab remember to selec midi in Note and Remote from TouchOSC bridge.


    /// for feedback you can send parameters to touchOSC without m4l by activating also Midi ins , note in / remote in , and sending data to the specific control.


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