Time Signatures in Clips - possible to change?

I know that's possible to insert Time Signature markers to change TS in arrangements, but what about in clips themselves?

I'm prepping some tracks for a dj set, setting Warp Markers, and I'm convinced one song starts in 3/4 then changes to 4/4 then back to 3/4.

I can keep it in time, but the position of the first downbeat of the metronome keeps shifting relative to the start of the bars within the song.

Is my lack of musical knowledge leading me to search for an answer to an unresolvable problem?!

Should I just accept that I can keep it in time, and remember that when I'm trying to mix it the downbeats will be 'flexible' relative to other straightforward 4/4 tracks?



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  • cvsecco
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    You have to breakdown your clip whenever there is a TS or bpm change. Arrange your new clips one bellow the other in the session view. Name the scenes "Intro 130bpm 4/4" "Verse 135 bpm 3/4" "Verse 4/4" and so... hope it helps

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