Sync Metronome "absolutely"?


Use case: I'm a drummer using Live 9 with an Octapad, triggering start/stop of clips using a pad.


I start the metronome.  i hear the tempo.  I hit a midi-mapped pad to start the clip (which is a percussion loop in Ableton - yes, its quantized, btw).  For some reason, if I hit the pad just a little off the beat (or way off the beat for that matter), the clip and the metronome will not be in sync.

To be clear, I need the clip to start/stop at the moment I hit it, not 1/16th or 1 measure or any of that... I need my clips to act just like another drummer, starting and stopping on the beat I hit them.

How can I achieve getting the metronome and clip to "sync" no matter when I hit the metronome or the clip?




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