Sustain Pedal - Recorded without using it, playback with it, HELP

I've recorded a track for piano without the sustain pedal.  When i play it back, it plays back as if I held it down the entire time.  Thoughts?  I have other recorded tracks that might use the sustain pedal, but that should not effect this piano track right?




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    Not sure if you've found the answer yet, but I just figured it out.  As explained in Piet_on_speed's response, find the "E" (envelope) circle and click it on the clip you want to use.  Now go to the TOP dropdown box and select MIDI Control.  Now go to the BOTTOM dropdown box and select 64-Hold Pedal.  Now you just have to adjust the envelope on the clip (the line that runs from left to right across the clip).  Move it all to whatever value you want it to be (127 is on 100%, 0 is off).

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    I had the problem in the opposite way... started recording piano with the sustain pedal already depressed but Live wouldn't play it back. I needed to "trigger" it once for it to work. If you don't know how to do that, double click on your midi file, there is (directly to the right of the "HELP" box that changes depending on where your mouse is) a box that says "Clip" and three circles at the bottom, of which the middle one should be highlighted.  Click on the circle reading "E" (envelope) and choose "4 - Foot pedal" (I think) and simply move the envelope all the way down. If you are familiar with this step and you've checked it already, make sure your pedal isn't broken or stuck and maybe you want to disarm the track. Something like this can easily happen if "OVR" (next to REC  at the top in the transport functions) is active and you have the track / loop running while accidentally depressing the hold / sustain pedal. Or like in my case, it just does what it wants until you change the envelope before the track actually plays the first note. Hope this helps..

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