Stepping back your undo history and recovering a set.

While changing the master tempo my program crashed and it made me lose a good bit of my work. When trying to recover the set Ableton crashes again. This is likely because its trying to take the action that crashed it in the 1st place.

Is there any way that I can roll back my undo history one step and then try to recover my set? 

I don't mind digging into the .cfg I just can't seem to figure out how it is organized. Any ideas?


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    Can't say I have an idea of doing exactly what you want but I did however managed to modify a lot of things by opening the .als file in TextWrangler.

    Eg. I found:

                            <LomId Value="0" />
                                    <FloatEvent Time="-63072000" Value="100" />

    And changed the value="100" to "120" or "500" etc.

    Saved it and then launched the project and it worked as expected.

    I'm on a Mac so editing the .als project file might work differently if you're using Windows.

    From what I can see in TextWrangler you should technically be able to delete a device and modify elements in the project fairly easily, a lot of makes sense to me and I barely have an idea when it comes to programming/coding.

    I'd also move your project to another User account and open it with a clean version of Live to see if the issue occurs there too.

    Hope helps in some way...

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