So why do arrangement and session view play at the same time?

I already wrote to Ableton asking them why the F*** arrangement view will play under session view, they told me it's a feature users love about Ableton... you serious?


I'm starting to think this is a bug!!!


So let me get this straight... if I have, say, 7 minutes of a song laid out in arrangement... then I go back to session to work on a new pattern... Ableton live always plays the timeline from arrangement back for me; even though I'm in session view and there's no possible way I'd want to hear it? 


So people use that? Who when they go into session view to make something new needs the arrangement playing back at them wherever they left off?

This is a horrible error in the design of this software... along with many other clunky features.. this has me putting in additional steps to work around what Ableton naturally wants to do... Do they intend to force the user to drag the play head into an empty part of the timeline so that they can have silence to work in session view?


My interest in this program is plummeting




dukeeastwood 2 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Coli_Live
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    I also have doubts about this feature.

    At least there is an easy way to control that: once in Session view just hit the 'Stop All Clips' button at the bottom of the Master track. After that, all the tracks in the Session view become independent from the what lies in the Arrangement view, meaning that they don't play without a specific trigger from the Session view, and it's the clip that has been triggered that is played.

    If you don't stop all clips with this button, only the tracks that you trigger in the Session view become independent. The other ones play as if you've launched them from the Arrangement view.

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  • Omniand
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    Session and Arrangement are not 2 separate spaces, they are 2 different views of the same space. People with 2 monitors work with arrangement on one and session on the other. Have you read the manual's sections on the transport controls, automation and such? Ableton has one of the best manuals I've ever worked with for any piece of software, which is great because like any professional software Ableton has a bit of a learning curve.


    Ableton does thing differently than most other DAWs, but for certain workflows that difference is very useful. For example, if you have something in the arrangement view for a given track already and instead do something else with that track while over in session, but don't have the transport record button enabled, what you do will override what's already in the track for arrangement for the moment until you hit the back to arrangement button.


    This allows you to try out something different without overwriting what's already there, while also still hearing everything else with it. This can be useful both for studio creation and live performance. If you want to only hear the track you're creating a clip in no matter where the play head is, then solo it.

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  • mjkayson
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    Agree this is a massive pain in the a*** - solution is to set up an empty bar in the arrangement and set it to loop so it just plays nothing over and over.

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  • dukeeastwood
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    Thanks Coli_Live!!!!!

    that is what I call an answer!! I wrote to Ableton complain about this problem and they didn't even have that for me!

    They were like session view and arrangement view are not separate... Ok so why when you switch back to arrangement view will nothing play until you hit back to arrangement, although it's hell bent on playing under session view???  I asked them if there was a toggle at least and they gave me that bullshit about how this feature is what users have come to love.... blah blah blah. Yeah fucking right...

    2 years ago | 1 comment

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