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I am a newbie and would like to ask some questions.

I used to sing using a karaoke amplifier (mine is the LTC K100). Recently, as I wanted not only to hear what I sing but also to record them, I bought a Focusrite Saffire 6 USB sound card (which comes with Ableton Live Lite 9).

As my current set up, when I sing (with a playback/beat inserted as audio source in Live) I can hear my raw vocal (which doesn't play very nice with the playback). My question is, what effects should I add to the vocal to make it better? At least as good as with the karaoke amplifier. (On the amplifier I see 3 buttons: Echo, Bass, Treble. Are these the effects that I should add?)

Thank you in advance for your help!


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    You can add whatever you like, basically. There are no strict rules for that. But to get your voice to sound a bit nicer; try some reverb, use EQ to remove unwanted frequencies and maybe add some compression. Short delay might also work. Just expoeriment until you get something you like.

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