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I would like to record live what I'm doing in session view. For this I've constructed a few clips and made them into scenes and all that. However, I've encountered a problem when switching between scenes or clips during live play. The scenes and clips switch immedetialy or almost immediately to the next clip or scene, without that clip or scene being completed till the end. The result being that clips and scenes get mixed a bit; 4 steps from one, 8 from the other (if one clip is 12 steps long) So that requires that I count very carefully and pay a lot of attention to what beat the clip is on before switching. Is there a way to set the clips and scenes in such a manner that they complete their complete beat before switching to the next one I already assigned ? Or does it come down to counting carefully like a DJ ? 


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    Have a look at the global quantize setting on the top of your screen (next to metronome).

    Here you can set global clip launch behaviour. Setting that to one bar, f.i., means that Live will wait untill the clip that is playing gets to the next bar, and then start the new clip.

    But you can also set this to 8 bars, for long parts, or turn it off for free launching.

    Also, between the volume faders and the clips you can see where the loop/clip is within the fullloop, in the form of a turning "ball"



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    You might look at Follow Actions. After a clip plays a number of times it can be directed to play the next clip below it (or other options). I think you can make the action happen after 16 bars or 32, etc. You could do this on every track in the scene. But yes, you could also watch the spinning pie on the longest sample to prepare to hit the next clip.

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