Service running AppleScript and Ableton Live

Hi everyone!

I'm very new to applescript and Automator and i'm creating my

Hi everyone!

I'm very new to applescript and Automator and i'm creating my first scripts to improve my workflow with Ableton Live.

I'm pretty satisfied of the results as everything seems working, but i'm facing some noob issues and that's why i'm here!

The aim of these scripts is to let me do repetitive keystrokes inside my Ableton with only a keyboard shortcut. I want that these scripts only work when i'm inside the applications Ableton Live Suite - 32 bit and Ableton Live Suite - 64 bit (i have both installed on my mac) . So i figured out to make a Service with Automator that runs the AppleScripts, and then assign to it a shortcut.

I ended up with following code:

repeat 16 times

tell application "System Events"


key code 124 using shift down

delay 0.1

keystroke "e" using command down

delay 0.1

key code 124


end tell

end repeat

After i set up Automator to run this code as a Service with no input and i any application. I set this service to be triggered with keyboard shortcut ctrl+alt+Q. Now when i'm in Ableton and press the shortcut nothing happens. I have to go to File > Services > and click on the service i created in automator. Only after i did this one time, i can use the keyboard shortcut!!! What am I doing wrong??


I also suppose i have to write in the AppleScript code to tell to perform this script only when i'm working inside "Ableton Live Suite - 32bit" and "Ableton Live Suite - 64bit". Automator allows me only to assign the Service to one application so if i do it trough Automator i need to make 2 different Services with 2 different shortcuts for actually perform the same thing, and this is what i don't want. Can someone help me with this? It would be annoying if i press the shortcut when i'm in Finder and perform the script on files and folders because i have other scripts that also involve the DELETE key. 



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