Sending MIDI from a clip back to Live itself

I use Ableton Live for my band's live performances. Right now I have a Behringer FCB1010 ( that I use to adjust parameters within Live while it's playing what I've set up in the arrangement view. I would like to be able to make a MIDI clip that automates what I press on that controller for a particular song. Is it possible to send MIDI CC messages from a clip in the Ableton arrangement view back to Live itself, adjusting parameters such as sends on a completely different track?

I know I could just automate the changes on the track itself in the arrangement view, but I rebuild the arrangement for almost every show, and I can't spend the time to rebuild that automation every time too, so I'd like to keep all of the automation in clips for each song in .alc files.

I also want to do this through MIDI so that I can continue to have my FCB1010 connected as a backup.


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    You can achieve this with the IAC driver on a mac, or MIDIyoke on PC, Tom Cosm explains this nicely in his tutorial right here:

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