Selling Ableton Live 9 Suite (not edu) + Max for Live = $500 USD

I bought my Ableton Live 9 Suite about a year ago, but after my wife and I had a baby, I haven't been able to learn how to use it. So, for now, I'm ready to sell it.

I thought I'd try doing that here, but if anyone has a better suggestion I'm all ears.

I'm aware of the selling procedures (, and you should be too if you're interested.

Anyone interested?

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  • mcbpete
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    There's a very active community at KVR Market Place for buying and selling audio software and hardware ( ) so try there. The only caveat being that as you're a new user there may be some suspicion if you do a deal involving some weird payment method or something - they don't trust strangers ;)

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    You still have ableton?

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  • soundworthstudios
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    Interested. Whats your price

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    Ableton Live Suite (not edu) + Max for Live = $500 USD

    1 year ago | 4 comments

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