Saving an instrument rack with Max Msp LFO or Envelope follower doesnt save mappings?

I noticed when I save an instrument rack into my user library it will not keep the mapping assigned from the max msp patch LFO or Envelope follower. I'm mapping it to a macro control in the instrument rack. 

When I load the patch again after saving, it shows it as being mapped but doesnt have any effect until after i unmap it, and then remap it again.

Anyone else had this issue?

I have the same problem with midi mapping, they dont save to the instrument rack, but I'm thinking the midi mapping is session specific?



kmoneybts 4 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Valiumdupeuple
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    Do you use the last m4l essentials pack, and the last max version ?

    If so, you should definitely make a bug report, because the bug is supposed to be fixed, but who knows ?

    4 years ago | 0 comments

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