Does some body knows how to make a loop thats keeps repeating until you hit  a key on the jkeybord.thanks


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  • david.barker
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    What I would do is to midi map two of your spare keys on the keyboard,to the

    scene launch  button

    Where your sampler midi clip is located,so you have a key for on and one for off



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  • fidelitarean
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    It can be done within Sampler with some limitations i.e. the loop will only repeat for 60 seconds max.

    Insert a MIDI "Note Length" device before the sampler and map any key on your keyboard that you are not using for the music to the "Length" parameter. This will toggle the note length between 60 seconds and 10 milliseconds.

    You can now play a note and it will run max 60 seconds unless you hit the mapped key which will stop it. Hit the mapped key again to reset the lenth to 60 seconds before playing your next note.

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