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I use Jitter in M4L to manipulate video via the audio I generate during performance.  I can't do this in the 64 bit version, and have found no way to make it work.  I understand this is not possible because of Quicktime limitations at present.  

I see that there is a new M4L device in the Ableton store called Rokvid.  Does anyone know if it will run on the Mac 64 bit version?  

More generally, has anyone found a way to use Jitter in 64 bit?  Any news on this front?  I would love to be able to use all 16 GB of RAM in my macbook instead of just 4. 



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  • arokhsar
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    I created RokVid, and it will run on Macs using the 64 bit version of Live.  Make sure you are running the current version of Max for Live (6.1.6 as of January 11 2014).  Here is a list of things that are not supported in 64 bit Max for Live, according to the company's website -- note that they are subject to change, and are accurate only as of today:

    Not supported:

    • jit.avc
    • jit.broadcast
    • jit.desktop
    • jit.displays
    • jit.qt.broadcast
    • jit.qt.effect
    • jit.qt.record
    • jit.vcr
    • jit.videoout
    • midi_dm
    • spigot~

    Other features currently unsupported or limited:

    • Reading non JPG or PNG files under Win64 (e.g. PICT, TIFF, GIF, etc.)
    • Import features for buffer~ are limited
    • jit.grab, jit.qt.grab, features are limited - on Windows x64 is currently limited to DirectShow supported movie files
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  • yellotron
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    Thanks, arokhsar.  I'm aware of those unsupported and limited features.  I gather that they explain why my Jitter patches don't work when I run them in 64bit Live.  (The source video I'm using is .mov.)    

    Am I understanding correctly that Rokvid will work with .mov files in 64bit mode in the Mac version?  

    Thank you.

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  • kelanimal
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    I just acquired RokVid and am having a difficult time getting it to launch or playback a lot of my video files. To my understanding, RokVid only supports .mov / .avi files? However, even after converting .mp4's I have to .mov or .avi, compiling them into a folder and loading them into RokVid, the majority of them still fail to playback in RokVid. I'm wondering if there is a limitation on how large or long the videos can be? Any insights into this would be much appreciated! - Also, is there a way to designate the video output of RokVid? I'm just not sure how one can select the output source of where the video is being sent to. (i.e.: a projector or secondary display)


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