Resetting parameters through key mapping

My goal is to quickly reset a handful of effect parameters back to their starting values.  I found a solution in these forums; key map those parameters to a single button on my keyboard (I used the letter A) and set the "min" and "max" of each mapping to the starting position values of each respective parameter.  Use the key-mapped key should return the values of the mapped parameters back to the min/max values.


While at first I thought this solution worked, I've found that it's a bit buggy.  If I'm using Arpeggiator as an example, I:


1.) Key mapped Rate and Gate to the letter A on my keyboard;

2.) Set the min and max of Rate to 1/16, and set the min and max of Gate to 50%;

3.) Launched a clip and manually change the Rate and Gate knobs withinin Arpeggiator


When I hit my A key to reset them, Gate works without issue and resets to 50%.  


Rate resets as expected, but only if I'm going UP from 1/16.  If I turn the knob DOWN from 1/16, it will step back only one rate change at a time.


To be clear, if I turn the Rate from 1/16 down to 1/128 and hit A, it will step up to 1/96.  If I hit A again, it will step up to 1/64, and so on.  If I turn the rate from 1/16 up to anything (1/12, 1/8, 1/6, 1/4, etc.) it will snap back to 1/16 with no problems.


Is this a glitch or am I doing something wrong?  


I'm actually looking to use this method with Omnisphere so I can change a bunch of parameters of a sound and then quickly get back to the original, but for the purposes of this post I created the example above with Arpeggiator so it would be easy for anyone to try and comment on.


Thanks!  And of course, if there's a better method to accomplish my goal, I'm open to it!!

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