Reduced latency when monitoring on or off / delay compensation


I am trying to set the looper in sync between the sound we hear (i.e. the audio the looper output) and the sound we record int the looper.

My setup is :

-a mic into the maya sound card

-a direct monitoring (i.e. physical monitoring, if I sing in the mic, I hear to the sound without delay)

-a looper placed in a track

-monitoring In for the track to be able to record sound

-monitoring off in the looper


Thus, while recording loops, I listen to the sound played by the looper and I ve only direct monitoring , NOT software monitoring (i.e. I am not listening to the delayed input sound into the computer). The software monitroing is just here to let the sound goes into the looper, but it is not audible (track monitor in / looper monitor off)


With this setup I am not in sync, e.g. If If I play over an existing loop, the new loop is delayed !!!


However, I have followed the Driver Error Compensation Lesson, and I have no latency when recording without looper (i.e. a track armed for recording only)


I have tested theses options available since 8.4.2, but it does not changes anything for looper :

-Delay compensation on or off

-Reduced latency when monitoring on or off


How I can let the looper in sync with incoming audio ? (real incoming audio, what I would hear by listening the software monitoring)





Edit : I have tested further using the Driver Error Compensation Lesson and found a weird behavior. Maybe it is related...??? MonitoringReducedLatencyOff or On means that the Menu ->Options-> Reduced Latency when monitoring is Off or On


MonitoringReducedLatencyOff__Monitor_set_to_Off > recording in sync (Expected behavior)

MonitoringReducedLatencyOff__Monitor_set_to_In > recording out of sync (Expected behavior)

MonitoringReducedLatencyOn__Monitor_set_to_Off > C (Expected behavior)

MonitoringReducedLatencyOn__Monitor_set_to_In > recording out of sync (NOT Expected behavior)


Thus , Checking or unchecking the MonitoringReducedLatency Off or On has no effects.


Morevoer, using track delay end in another behavior. I set the armed track with 36.7ms delay which is the value used for driver error compensation :


MonitoringReducedLatencyOff__Monitor_set_to_In_Delay > recording out of sync

MonitoringReducedLatencyOn__Monitor_set_to_In_Delay > recording in sync


Thus, Checking or unchecking the MonitoringReducedLatency Off or On modify using or not the delay set to armed track.


Thank you,

Olivier (France)


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