recreating djm800 echo in ableton?

Noob question maybe but I've been trying to recreate the DJM800 echo out with the fx in Ableton and the closest I can get is using the Ping Pong delay, but this clearly bounces from left to right.  Can anyone suggest which delay to use and the settings?  Obviously the number of beats per delay is easily switchable.

On the 800 I usually echo out with 50% depth and have tried in Ableton but either get ducking when the effect hits or have to create a separate track for the effect.

I'd like to just drop the effect over the track in question and punch in and out.

Maybe someone has set up and template of the DJM effects for Ableton?  Wishful thinking maybe.

Appreciate any help here.


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  • Warrior Bob
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    First off, find out how the DJM800 echo works - I don't personally know. Is it handled internally as an insert effect, or with a send?

    Your goal will be to replicate these properties in Live, whatever they end up being. My guess is that it acts like a send, which is why you've had to create a separate track in the past.

    You can get send-like functionality from a rack, in this case the Audio Effect Rack device. Create a couple of chains, one with your effect and another for the dry signal (for dry, just use a Utility device with default settings). You can control the level of these chains and parameters of the effects in them using macro knobs. Even better, if you have a rack you like (perhaps all the DJM800 effects?), you can save it as a preset.

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