recording vocals with reverb in ableton but monitoring through saffire interface

hey guys. i have a Safire pro 24 interface and 9 suite. im trying to record vocals but i want to monitor it through my interface and not whats coming out of ableton for zero latency. i would like reverb on it too.

Here's what I've tried, I've set up a return track and put the reverb on that track, then mute the audio track since I'm monitoring the audio straight from my interface, I crank up the send on my audio track going to the reverb track, and I set the fader to pre. Also, on my reverb track, I set the destination to my outs on the back of my interface which are going to the singer.

I can get the audio/vocals to come through but the reverb isn't coming. Any suggestions?

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ClintB 2 years ago | 0 comments

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