Recording Pitch bend movment in the Arangement is not possible ?

A lot of Ableton Instruments Sythies have pitch band Modulation.. but I found no way to record the pitch bend movment envelope curve in the Arangement.... there an option to record the pitch bend &modwheel in the Arangement ..? .??
Wfg S.R.


S.Rueckwardt 4 years ago | 0 comments

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  • TempoMachTwenty
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    Hey there, if I understand your question correctly, you want to use Pitch Bend the midi notes? If so, just double click the midi clip while in arrangement view, on the editor down below, make sure the "E" is clicked, it will have the pitch bend curve available. If you are still having problems, reply and I will create a video. Hope I can help.

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  • S.Rueckwardt
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    Hi, I try the same ..
    I will record my Pitchbend movement to the Arrangement and at the same time I launch clips change the loop lengths of the clips all with Push.
    But Ableton records not the action in the the selected armed Arangement track.
    That means I can not record actions thats coming from Push !
    Why ?
    Is there a Funky BUTTON to fix that big Problem !
    Otherwise I can not record my Ableton performance with Push.
    Thats pretty Bad ..
    Best regard

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  • mcbpete
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    "Is there a Funky BUTTON to fix that big Problem !" - yep, the one at the top next to the play buttons etc. that looks a bit like o-o (but more diagonal) which is 'Record automation'

    Full tutorial here -

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  • S.Rueckwardt
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    Hi, thx for the tip.
    But it works only on empty midi tracks without a instruments
    On my track (midi) with a vst drum maschine Plug n called Micro tonic grouped in a drumrack it will not work !!!
    Bothers me that I can not record the pitch bend action while I record playing session clips at the same time in the Arrangements.
    For that pitch bend Action I must armed the track with the drumrack and this bring's the trouble in the Arrangement recording.
    Armed tracks are red colored and Ableton ignored the pitch bend actions when Arrangement recording is still runing.
    I build these drumrack with Micro tonic to perform the pitch bend actions for all 8 channels of that drummaschine vst. Is really cool and features other cool thinks like Programm change option and so one
    so but when I record the midi session clips of the micro tonic track to the Arrangement I can not be perform with clips and record the Pitchbend action at the same time.
    Sry but I test it.
    A lot of potential but no change to work with. .
    Oh Ableton why...
    I can handle on Hardware like Electron or the new Roland clones pitch and rythmical stutter actions now much better and faster.
    Crap Battle for me.
    The Workflow in Ableton is now Total broken in my live LIVE 9 setup.
    It feels like that some controller actions are not full integrated in live and they can performed but i n some cases are not recorded ins arrangement.
    I try a other way means..
    i try to record the pitch bend Action direct in the session view to clips but I need unlinked loop length while I work with really short clips but push have no option settings n the controller to apply recording automation with unlinked loop length .
    i must set up the clips for that manual per mouse ..

    ... crap Battle again ...

    I hope Ableton brings on Live 10 and for Push Funky Buttons for that...

    Best regard

    P.s. Please Ableton Push needs a lock funtion for the node mode . Every time I select a Send with a placed vocoder I miss they node mode .I can tweak on the Vocoder but I can not play notes with Push. Crap battle...again..
    3 years ago | 0 comments

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