Recording audio effects while playing a midi track in Ableton 9


I am trying to do the following.

I have created a project containing few audio and midi tracks. Now, when I play the entire track, I can select any random midi track in the arrangement (by pressing the small red button beside the "Solo" button, and modulate the track/ pitch bend the track without actually recording this. Meaning, while the track is playing, i can select a channel and turn the pitch bend knob and i can hear the effect, but this is not recorded.

Now when I try to record the same effect by hitting the main record button, the midi notes on the selected track disappear, which is natural.

However, I want to record the pitch bend effect without actually losing the midi track arrangement.

I don't know how clearly I have put forth the situation :-). Requesting any help available.

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Vinay Shirahatti 1 year ago | 0 comments

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