Recommendations for LIVE on stage (esp. loading times)

Hi Folks,

currently I am in the process of developing a new band project with a guitar guy and me as the keys guy. I work with Live8 currently as midi sequencer for all sorts of loops and files, also firing virtual instruments from my keyboards within Live. 

What I wanna know from you is your recommendation for the on stage environment and Live. I am especially worried about the loading times between two tracks. To me it takes a bit long to load a new set. How do you use Live on stage? Do you use one Live-Set per song or do you load several songs into one set? Do you render MIDI into AUDIO for the live performance or do you really "play/create" everything live?

I hope my question is specific enough. Thanks for your advise!



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  • mcbpete
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    I'd personally (and have done in the past) load the entire set as one project and have each track as a different scene. That way there's only one [rather big admittedly] load at the start.

    As for midi tracks, I usually bounce a lot down to audio so there's less demand on the CPU and live I mainly just trigger the loops and sending stuff to effect racks on the aux bus.

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  • brian sansone
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    There is the advantage of perfect timing. MIDI can bog down the cpu and be slightly off beat, smearing your trasients and causing phase problems.  Audio stays in lock step. But you have way more control in MIDI. tweaking soft synth parameters and such.  My live doesnt take long too load up a new set. Maybe try to stream line your computer to only run Live and what is necessary for the computer to function; turning off all unneeded processes and crap running in the background.  That way you could keep your songs in separate live projects, and run your softsynths and plu-ins.      Optimize your computer for running live.  

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  • McAnix
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    I would also recommend finding the optimal setting of your sound card and Live. Mess around with all the settings and sometimes you might find that certain sound cards work differently. Once audio files are rendered also consider converting them to 320kps mp3 files for shorter loading times. Perhaps also have one main set then loading in your audio stems as you go and removing the previous songs stems, similar to what a dj would do. And of course have all reverb and delay effects on return tracks.

    Oh dang just saw how old the OP was, oops.

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