Re: Mapping in drum, fx and instrument Racks

Ok so I was setting up a new Template for Live Performance and it occurred to me whilst mapping Simpler parameters to the rack Marcos that I had to individually map every single parameter for every sample. So lets say I fill the entire Drum rack with all 128 slots arranged in groups kick, hats, snares, fx ect, that's 4 x 128 parameters I want to assign to these macros so I can then map those macros to my controllers.


So the question here is 2 fold, a. why cant


a. Ctrl/Shift select all the instances of simpler's in the rack and then map all the Frequency parameters as a batch rather then mapping 128 parameters individually? When I do this for Resonance, Transpose and pitch envelope I have mapped 512 parameters.


b. Am I doing it wrong


B4F3xE48 1 year ago | 0 comments

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