Push and APC40 together?

How do I use both the APC40 and Push at the same time, but to work independently of one another. For instance, I would like to use the Push as an instrument while using the APC40 to just launch clips and alter parameters, etc., not necessarily of the same track that Push is controlling. However, let's say I have Push playing a piano sound, and go to switch to another track on the APC40 to adjust a parameter or chop a clip, etc., then Push automatically switches to the same place as the APC40. They seem to be always working kind of synched. I would like them to be able to complete entirely different tasks at the same time if possible. I have searched the manual, online tutorials, etc.

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  • delef
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    Being that these are the two most popular Ableton controllers, I find it odd that there have been no comments or answers on this. Is there no one who has insight on this?

    4 years ago | 0 comments
  • S.Rueckwardt
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    Looks like you need a lock funtion....
    Normally click with the right button on the device and now you can lock your device (blue hand ) to your APC wether you jump to different tracks...
    That the Standard way....
    But you can use custom remote Scripts ...APC 40 and for Push....
    Gamechanger Trust me...
    With a Hanz Petrov remote script for example, (free download). you can have bank's
    for faders , or 3 new modes for your APC Track control section,
    Clip Matrix have 7 new note modes...

    You can lock now both, track & device control section,
    And the best lock to feature is possible from your APC 40 no mouse is needed...
    I hope you can Imaging better track controlling features and better device contr. Feature as by default.
    for me the best It works with two APC even now again. The lock feature on the customized APC helps me over this one track selecting Limit..
    Fabrizio Poco changed the script that it works with Live 9.
    Amazing Producer again (cool track Maqam f.e.).
    By the way,the new Ableton version 9.1.2 can bring some trouble to all custom remote Scripts..
    We will see ? ...the Fabrizio Poco could bring's a update for the free APC 40 rem script...write him ask him I ASK again . ö.ö . ----
    On the other side you can buy from Nativ Control devices and Scripts for Push and APC 40 ..mind blowing what this guy coded
    This add another new augmented feature..
    Eye opener ......you will never miss ....
    Bring's locking feature for Push modes. That can be a help....

    Wfg Sebastian R.

    4 years ago | 2 comments
  • AaronAnthem
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    I didn't have much time to test is, but I found at least a partial solution here on the Ableton community forum.
    Hope this helps.


    3 years ago | 0 comments
  • carlito828
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    I use them both with even a channel with Maschine and also with Traktor pro using the Link function on both Ableton and Traktor. (Ultimate control freak heaven). No issues other than the Traktor sync can sometimes wander. (Just a case of pushing the sync on the Traktor controller)

    1 year ago | 0 comments
  • BoC
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    I just use them both. Together. Seamlessly. No problems...

    3 years ago | 1 comment

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