Push 2 User Mode 8x8 pad LED feedback

Mac Pro, OS X 10.10.5, Live Suite 9.6.1, Push 2

Having trouble getting feedback 8x8 pad LEDs working in User Mode.

I have followed the guides for setting up User Mode:
- Added as a second control surface entry with Push 2 User port (the first being Push 2 Live port).
- Input: Push2 User port - Track=On, Sync= Off, Remote=On
- Output: Push2 User port - Track=Off, Sync= Off, Remote=On
But am not getting realtime feedback from the pad LEDs when I send them MIDI as tutorials have shown. They only update when I switch back to the Live Mode and then back to User Mode, but stay static.
i.e. whatever was being sent to the User port at the moment I switched to User Mode will light, but things that play after that are seemingly ignored.
Strangely, if I enable Push2 User port output Track=On, and switch to Live mode, the LEDs do light correctly but are overlaid on top of the usual Live mode LEDs.


bigben54 10 months ago | 0 comments

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