Playing Ableton Live live with two people, a laptop and a push

Hi everyone :)

Going to be doing a live set in a couple of days with my band mate, and it's the first time we've ever performed with Push in the mix.

During rehearsals we've kind of hit a problem which we didn't notice when working individually - Whenever he clicks on a track heading to tweak parameters, volume levels etc. it'll lose focus of the track I was using on my Push.

I thought I'd cracked it by turning off 'Select on launch', in the preferences - which does allow me to keep using my Midi track on the push as he clicks other clips, so it's nearly there.

Basically I've got three VSTis (a piano, strings and glitchy-synth) that I want to be able to play on my Push as he happily clicks on other tracks without it losing focus on the Push.

I even tried purchasing PXT as I knew it added extra Push functionality (which it does and is great!) but alas not this function.

Even if there is no 'fix' - is there at least a work around to lock Push into a certain track ?



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