play ableton midi clip while controlling cc with novation remote sl

I am using Ableton Live Lite 8.3 (Novation edition) with a Novation Remote 25SL controller. I have midi clips and midi tracks set up to play through one of the VST plug-in synthesisers which I want to control with the Remote but I find when I set the Monitor setting for the track in Ableton to In, not only the CC controllers but the midi notes themselves have to come from the Remote. Does anyone know a way to play midi note clips stored in Ableton while controlling the CC parameters of the plug-in with my Remote controller?


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  • colonp
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    You could setup a new MIDI track to send to the VST's track (in the I/O options, which can be hidden/viewed via the IO button in the lower right), then use that new channel for clips.

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