"Paste mix" audio files in arrangement view


I am recording live drums in Live 9.2 and where our drummer has missed a hi-hat hit I am trying to paste a single hi-hat hit over the top in arrangement view - overdubbing it basically. However I can't seem to find an option to simply merge the copied audio data with what is already on the track.

I can paste the length of the selection in the keyboard (Paste Time), or copy over the original track, however "paste mixing/merging" the two snippets seems like it should be a fairly rudimentary task. I'm a convert from Pro Tools, and I'm pretty sure I was able to do it there. Not that I'm slating Ableton, I'm just scratching my head as to how to achieve what should be quite simple.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I go about doing this? Pasting the overdub onto a separate track won't work as the hihat picks up on 7 different drum mics/tracks.

Apologies if this has come up before; I searched in vain for another topic so as not to be duplicating it.


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