Orchestral Sounds from Live9: in search for detailed explanation of parameters

I recently bought Live 9 Suite which includes the Orchestral Sounds pack. I could really use a manual that explains the parameters from the instruments, especially the ones under 'multi sample mode'. In addition to that I would love to have an Ableton example project and (youtube) tutorials that uses orchestral instrument racks. I found lots of youtube tutorials on orchestral arranging but they either do not go into enough detail on these parameters or the tutorials are about other packs. On the forum I haven't found the information I was looking for either. I do however have good impression on what should be possible (which is makes the situation even more frustrating (;->

I asked Ableton directly and they answered:  While we do not have specific tutorials for the Orchestral Sounds included in Live 9 Suite, you can check out our Manual for explanations of Racks, Macro Controls, and certain parameters that can be changed in the Orchestral Sounds. A little disappointing since I already have explored these things.



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Ivonne Keepers 4 years ago | 0 comments

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