Open plug-in in separate application window in Live 9.

In Live 8 I was able to shift+click on the plug-in window icon, to open that plug-in in an independent application window.

This meant that I could have this plug-in (my spectrum analyser) open all the time, and could toggle the focus (view) back and forth from Arrangement view and my analyser with command+tilde, aswell as only showing plug-ins for the current selected track. (with 'Auto-hide plug-ins' preference enabled)

How do I do this in Live 9?


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    I have never heard of this functionality. I know that the plugin has it's own window, but I also know that if you select different tracks, while various plugins in those tracks are opened, the plugins will switch back and forth between each track's related plugins. I have never heard of it opening in it's separate application window, using shift and click or anything regarding the shift tilde command. Are you sure that it pops into a completely new application window? or is it a new plugin window? These may look very similar, especially if you are on a PC.

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    The feature is documented in Ableton Live 8 manual in the key commands. 

    Working with Plug-Ins and Devices.


    Open Mac Keystroke Plug-In Window with Plug-In Edit Button 

    by using shift+click on a plug-in window. It doesn't work with my plug-in Voxengo Span in Live 9 64bit.



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