Offset M4L LFO time by 3/8 of a measure

I was experimenting with the Buffer Shuffler device on a track and came up with an interesting sequence. Unfortunately, the perceived first beat of the result of the Buffer Shuffler loop actually occurs on the 4th 8th note of Live's timeline. I'm now attempting to move some notes and Buffer Shuffler slices around so that what I'm hearing lines up with Live's timeline, but I have one problem—a synth property in my Buffer Shuffler output is being modulated by a M4L LFO. To be able to shift all this stuff around and have it sound the same, I need to also shift the phase of the LFO back by 3/8 of the measure. Is there some way to do this with the current LFO or LFO 2.0? Am I making sense? Thanks for any help!

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eric_c 4 years ago | 0 comments

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