Notes keep deselecting

I'm not sure if this is something I've done by accident or if a Live update has done it, or if I've just never noticed it before.

When in the midi editor and I'm playing a looping clip, if I click on a note that I've already laid down it keeps de-selecting itself after a short moment. So I'm not able to click a note and then use the up & down arrows to place it up & down the scale as it keeps on unselecting itself (the equivalent of me clicking elsewhere on the screen).

It's really frustrating as it means the editor is unusable.

Is this a bug? Something I've switched on? Anyone else get this?



(Live 8.3.3 & OSX 10.8.1)


Dom Murphy 1 year ago | 0 comments

4 answers

  • Funk N. Furter
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    just download a new version of Live, I think you've bust it

    1 year ago | 0 comments
  • wOOge
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    This is happening in 9.0.5 as well — don't think re-downloading the app is a fix. 

    7 months ago | 0 comments
  • Near Earth Object
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    Same here. Very annoying.....

    7 months ago | 0 comments
  • buddyzapfa
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    It's most likely a midi signal from an external device that is the culprit. In preferences deselect the SYNC and REMOTE buttons for your midi devices and see if that solves it.

    10 days ago | 0 comments

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