Not impressed with Live 9 Suite and would like to sell license


So Ive owned Live 9 Suite for about six months and I am just not impressed.  Ive previously owned three or perhaps four different versions of Ableton Live "Lite" that I found kind of fun to play with but very limited - so I bought the full version to see what it can really do.  Ive spent many hours with this full version and I do not find it inspirational but rather much more like a "21st Century Home Entertainment Organ" for EDM fans - DJ's.   
   I would like to sell my license and all the goes with it in order to purchase a different DAW that I am finding to be much more inspirational in the realm of creating original compositions and not just placing and editing pre made loops. 
  What is the best and legal way to sell my license?   
Wish I felt differently as I do enjoy some of the VI's- 

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