Not impressed with Live 9 Suite and would like to sell license


So Ive owned Live 9 Suite for about six months and I am just not impressed.  Ive previously owned three or perhaps four different versions of Ableton Live "Lite" that I found kind of fun to play with but very limited - so I bought the full version to see what it can really do.  Ive spent many hours with this full version and I do not find it inspirational but rather much more like a "21st Century Home Entertainment Organ" for EDM fans - DJ's.   
   I would like to sell my license and all the goes with it in order to purchase a different DAW that I am finding to be much more inspirational in the realm of creating original compositions and not just placing and editing pre made loops. 
  What is the best and legal way to sell my license?   
Wish I felt differently as I do enjoy some of the VI's- 


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    I think you should contact Live's helpdesk and ask if you can re-sell your software. They will probably unlink the serial from your account so you can sell it to someone else.

    But about the things you mention:
    If you think Live is just capable of playing and editing pre-made loops, you are very very wrong.
    Live can do exactly the same as most big DAW's out there: play instruments, make your own sounds, use loops, turn audio into midi, slice, layer, record, warp, customize instruments and fx racks, and in the suite version you even have Max For Live, which opens up so many extra options that you will never ever be able to use them all. Besides that Live offers something that most other DAW's don't have, and that is a session view for playing samples on the fly and trying out diffeent combinations. What other DAW are you going to use now?

    Because it sounds to me that it is not so much the DAW that is the problem, but your way of working. Sounds like you haven't found most of the options that are available, judging from your comment.

    Still, it is possible that you prefer other software for your way of working, but that has notjhing to do with the things you mention.

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    Hi there, 

    We are sorry to hear that you intend to sell your license, but generally speaking, this is definitely possible. 

    After selling the license on a platform of choice, please contact support and make sure to include the following information: 

    - your full name & country of residence

    - your registered email address and the serial number to be transferred 

    - full name, registered email address and country of residence of the buyer. 



    Our support staff will process the license transfer within a few days. 



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