Non Warped Clips in Session View Question


Right. I have a scenario.

I am doing some mastering for my sister in law and she has lots of very dynamic tracks for me to level out.

I have decided to go the Ableton route and to load all the individual tracks into their own clips in the session view.

With each clip. I have taken off the warp setting because I don't want to mess with them in any creative way or to loop them.

My only issue is that I want to scrub along each of the tracks and make sure that none of them are peaking anywhere, Like I said, they are very dynamic tracks (Choral Music recorded in a Church). When the tracks are warped, you are able to click on different parts of the clip and launch it from that point. Is there any way of doing that without warped clips?

Thanks in advance for any help

Matt :)

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Zaius 5 years ago | 0 comments

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