NeKo EX5 as a MIDI controller for Live

Hey guys, I'm running Live 8 on my Macbook Pro. I was wondering if there would be any way to use my NeKo EX5 ( as a MIDI controller to control the software instruments in Live on my Macbook.


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    Yes. That device has Midi In/Out and is therefor able to communicate with other instruments and software. You will need a Midi interface (such as a Roland UM-1, or perhaps you have an external soundcard with the proper midi ins and outs) to connect your device to your Macbook. It isn't guaranteed to play nicely however, and will not be mapped to everything out of the box, but some level of communication should be attainable. With some custom midi mapping your part, you will be good to go.

    See the section on routing a midi signal in Ableton Live's manual, specifically Chapter 13.3, page 168.

    You will also need to learn how your device interfaces with midi. I couldn't quickly find documentation on their website.

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