Mute or stop external MIDI instruments on a per track basis

Hi all

I've googled and scanned the manuals but can't see the answer I need - maybe I'm phrasing it wrong. 

I've got four volcas setup as external instruments, each has it's own track. They all start and start in unison when I start my ableton song. They are playing through their own sequencers and I wonder if it's possible to either:

a) Send a midi real time message to stop or start one or more of the volcas at the same time (the others continue playing)

b) Setup something in ableton that let's me say when I choose a certain scene a number of the volcas will be muted until I set another scene. 

I guess if not I'd have to control the volcas through MIDI coming from Ableton and not use their sequencers. 



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    OK looks ClyphX should be able to do the muting trick and I have Max for Live. Still interested to know if you can send stop messages through midi to individual devices. 

    Many thanks!


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