Custom Sets How Is This Possible?

One of the top issues I have with Ableton is how to combine multiple Live Sets into One large set for playback. This can be done of course but it seems that it takes quite a while to do and you lose your markers on all but the first set you are working with so these have to be re-created. has a service called "Custom Sets'. This allows you to choose sets from their library and somehow they create a NEW Live Set that combines all of the individual sets together and preserves Temp, Locators, etc. You can take a look here:

I am just wondering how is this possible?

This should definitely be something the Ableton team should look into as this is a most requested feature for the user base and would really make things so much better when working on creating custom set mixes, etc.

I am discovering more about Live each day and appreciate the community that is built around this amazing software tool.



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soundcreationsinc 2 years ago | 0 comments

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