Multiple time signatures and tempos on clips.

I'm trying to run backing tracks for a Rock band with live 9. The process is very straight forward on the session view. The setlist on the right hand and the clips in rows on the left side.

The problem is is that a couple of tracks are on the progressive side so there's multiple tempos and multiple time signatures on the same song.

I know that the changes can go on different clips and one switches to the next when it's over. The cons are that having a song in multiple rows is going to be problematic since the setlists are constantly changing in order and it creates the risk of the operator triggering the wrong row.

I was able to use midi mapping to change the tempo. There's a lot of tutorials online that explain the envelope process to gradually increase the tempo. Since the tempo change is sudden, for example, I traced the envelope to be straight on 127 and then suddenly drop to 0 for the tempo decrease and then back up. The cons:
- When the playhead reaches the decrease a lot of cpu is used for a full second.
- Then the playhead reaches the second change (when it goes back to its original tempo) the playhead goes to the beginning of the midi track and keeps plying from there (for some reason)

Then, I realized there's no Midi map to control time signatures.

The next option was some Max devices that I've seen to increase tempos. The problem is that they are not made to kick in at specific point on a clip, the start from the beginning.

I wanted to ask you people what do you think is a good solution. Could a Max guru create a device that does what I want? or Is there another way of making this happen? I'm really trying to avoid the whole multiple clips per song.



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    Try multiple scenes(rows) right next to each other for one song followed by an empty scene or two to signal song is over. Repeat until all the songs in the set are accounted for. Right click the scene trigger and label the first one the title of the song and the ones next to it can be named the time signatures used. If the clips are the length of a whole section they can be set to one shot and sent to the next scene when they finish. That next scene is the new time signature in the same song. The clips in the final scene of the same song can be set to one shot and done. That Song is over and a gap is between it and the next song. If you do not play them in order you just have to trigger the top scene of the next song's group of scenes. I hope this helps.

    Take care


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