Multiple MIDI Interfaces, OS X Lion Weird Issues


I have  two Emagic AMT-8 MIDI 8x8-port MIDI interfaces, both connected to my computer via USB. I've been finding that when I use Live, MIDI messages supposed to be sent to, say, MIDI Out Port 2 on one of the interfaces, are also being sent to Out Port 2 on the other device (though the lights on the front of the units do not show any activity on those ports).

This is happening irrespective of whether monitoring is enabled on a channel MIDI channel that is setup to send to Out Port 2 on the 2nd AMT-8.

It also happens whether a clip is playing back, or I'm playing notes from a keyboard live with monitoring turned on.

I can partially work around the problem by settings devices connected to like-numbered ports on the two interfaces to respond to different MIDI channels, but this only works when playing back clips- when I have monitoring turned on, if I play any notes on the keyboard, the device I'm supposed to be playing responds as it should, but notes on synths connected to the same-numbered port on the other interface are cut off, or get stuck. 


It may all be that nobody else has had this problem because nobody's been stupid enough to attempt what I'm doing, but, maybe there's someone out there who has been here already, and can help. I hope so, because this a real hair-tearer... I'm tempted to write it off as a driver issue, or a 'Lion thing'. I've been having similar problems using two identical MOTU 828Mk.3s for audio IO, but maybe there's something I've missed when setting up Live, or the interfaces themselves that might help.

Any clues, anyone?



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    It seems to be a driver issue, as I'd suspected. I tried plugging in an old MIDISport 4x4 interface in place of one of the AMT-8s, and now I don't seem to get the problems. Unfortunately, I also don't have enough MIDI ports, either..

    Interestingly, with the MIDISport, I can now also turn MIDI clock output on/off on a per-port basis, which I can't with the AMT-8.

    Looks like I'm going to have to invest in another non-Emagic 8x8 interface, and one of these blue boxes is going back on eBay..


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