Moving Notes Ruins Rhythm & Sustain Etc

The other day I recorded a section of a piece I'm working on. I quantized the notes and like how it sounds, but when I started playing it was between the beat or measure, so if I correct this by moving it at all, I lose the sustain. I've checked the 64 sustain under the E button but there's pink all over. I need to move this section to the rest of my track, but doing that breaks this. 

I'm sure it has to do with quantizing it, but what can I do? I like the way it sounds until it's moved.



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sykora 2 years ago | 0 comments

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    ugh lol I figured it out. Of course 5 days after struggling with it and making a forum post. when I moved the notes in it's own track it's still broken, but when I move it to the other part it takes away my envelope settings. *throws hands up in the air

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