Moog Minitaur / Ableton 9 / OSX / Automation Data etc. not recording

I am able to get the Moog Minitaur to communicate with Ableton in most respects.

I can switch presets etc. 

Record audio and Midi (from an external keyboard triggering Minitaur).

When I manually adjust knobs on the hardware itself, I see them moving on the Editor interface (I have this loaded up as External Instrument on a MIDI track with the VST open as an effect on that track, and a separate Audio track).

I cannot however record automation that I'm adjusting while recording.

I tried opening a separate MIDI track, with the MIDI in coming from the Minitaur, but that didn't solve it.

Hitting the proverbial wall, any advice would help. Thanks. 

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JohnFrum 23 days ago | 0 comments

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