MIDI Mutineering: Lexicon Ionix, Akai APC&MPK

I have been scouring the internet for a solution to the most frustrating hardware problem I have ever experienced.

Neither my APC40 nor my MPK49 are communicating to live when plugged in over USB to my ASUS Repuplic of Gamers laptop. HOWEVER, the audio interface I am using (Lexicon Ionix u42s) is working just fine and when I plug the MPK into the Lexicon using an 8-pin MIDI cable, the MPK works like a charm.

I would love to just plug the APC in and make a little Daisychain but the APC has no 8-Pin Connection...


So why on earth is my Lexicon communicating just fine with Ableton and gladly managing my MIDI information but the same hardware isn't communicating by itself via usb? I just got my computer back from a servicing at Best Buy (its original birthplace) and still nothing. They got all my usb drivers squared away and everything but still snake eyes....

Trust me, there is no USB hub involved, no driver issues. All the software I am trying to use is up to date. I've had this problem for months now. The solution is not going to be a simple one so hit me with the most rediculous complex idea you can think of.

Does anyone have any experience with a MIDI device not working over USB but working just fine over MIDI through an interface? Seems very odd to me.

My current hunch is that it has something to do with the Lexicon Drivers. Although the Realtek ASIO driver doesn't work, I was able to get some weird intermittent success with the MME/DirectSound not-ASIO driver but that is not acceptable for making music. ASIO has got to work. Any further ideas?

What's worse, is I tried this setup out on a demo of FLStudio just this morning, same exact sad story. All systems go with the Lexicon in charge, no dice over USB.

My hardware seems to not want to operate on its own. Both of these devices (MPK and APC) are supposed to be native plug and play in ableton. There's plenty of plug going on but no play.


I'd really just like to know if anyone has had a similar experience or has had any other weird experiences if you have an ASUS computer (expecially the g74sx gamer laptop). I really just want to locate the problem: I know its not the hardware, because it works just fine on several of my friend's computers. I know its probably not Ableton because the same thing happens in FLStudio. So where could the problem be in the middle?

Oh somebody please help me I am so depressed right now!!!! :(




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    Have you set up your controllers properly in the "MIDI Sync" tab of preferences?

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